Reverse Engineering Sim Rigs! – Community Show and Tell

Ultrawipf shows off his AMAZING OpenFFBoard which is a modular open source force feedback system for steering wheels, joysticks and similiar devices. I cannot overstate how cool this project is – and if that wasn’t enough, oh_bother joins us on stream as it turns out he has quite some overlapping experience in similar projects for his own sim rig!

Thank you to Ultrawipf and oh_bother!

This was streamed on Twitch on March 4th, 2023

00:00:00 Stream Starts
00:01:05 Q&A
00:08:40 Ultrawipf tells: The lead-up to creating the OpenFFBoard
00:18:27 Ultrawipf shows: The OpenFFBoard
00:31:52 Ultrawipf shows: A steeringwheel setup with the OpenFFBoard
00:38:46 Ultrawipf shows: The OpenFFBoard control software
01:00:40 oh_bother shows: His own custom sim rig
01:06:40 Ultrawipf and oh_bother tell: Reverse Engineering
01:17:37 Q&A with Ultrawipf and oh_bother
01:26:18 Ultrawipf shows: A joystick setup with the OpenFFBoard
01:31:40 Ultrawipf and oh_bother tell: More Reverse Engineering
01:53:39 Winding down

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